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Private Classes

I am happy to give private classes and help you dive deeper into your practice. I have given lot of private classes to different clients. It is a good way to focus on your individual body, mind and life situation (e.g. prenatal/postnatal yoga, injury recovery, stress relief, beginner in yoga etc.)  

Private classes allow instructor to give undivided attention to practitioner and therefore she/ he can get the most out of the practice. Before the class we discuss what is the intension of the practice and we build the session(s) to support these goals. The goals can be both physical or/and spiritual. Do you want to have stronger upper body? Do you feel like you need more flexibility on your hips? Would you like to find calmness in your daily life ? Or perhaps you wish to learn to hear your intuition clearer? 

What ever it is, please contact me and lets build your individual yoga practice for you!

You can also ask an online option. Please find the different options underneath. 

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