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Laura Kuukkanen
Yoga Instructor 42

Hello, My name is Laura and I am looking forward to practice yoga with you!

I have done yoga on and off past 20 years and a trip to India 2 years ago inspired me to really dive deep into the practice. I completed yoga teacher training with Balazs Heller, who teaches multi-style yoga including asana practice (hatha, vinyasa) pranayama and meditation. Apart from that I keep continuously learning from my own practice as well as literature. I am also a dancer (BA in Dance Studies)


I have taught different kinds of groups as well as private classes. For example in Malta I gave dynamic yoga classes In Sky Spirit sports center as well as in Hilton Hotel in St Juliens. I have given more spiritually focused classes in Eco Village in Mgarr.


I believe yoga can really help one to learn from her/his body and mind, find more ease to life, and start to become more present and joyful. Ofcourse it may also bring up the inner turmoil, but same time it gives tools to deal with them. Yoga is also an amazing way to keep the body functional and healthy, keep the energy flowing and avoid or get rid of pain in the body.


As a yoga instructor I approach the classes as a sharing. I share my practice and I am aware everybody is on their own path and takes different things from the class. I respect practitioners’ own will, and I always encourage people to really listen themselves, everybody is doing the practice for themselves. However, I am conscious of guiding proper alignment in asanas, so there are no unnecessary injuries. I am also staying after class in case anyone wants to share or ask anything about their practice.

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